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About Rideout Health

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Rideout Health is a non-profit community-based system comprised of two acute-care, not-for-profit hospitals: Rideout Memorial Hospital, and Fremont Medical Center; the Heart Center at Rideout; the Cancer Center affiliated with UC Davis Medical Center; outpatient clinics and a host of ancillary services including: senior living services; home health; hospice and durable medical equipment; located throughout Yuba, Sutter and Nevada Counties.

Rideout’s health system employs more than 1800 employees and has approximately 263 physicians on the medical staff.

What does not-for-profit mean?

Rideout Health is a not-for-profit organization. We believe that not-for-profit healthcare is in the best interest of the community. Our not-for-profit designation keeps focus on the community, not on a group of shareholders who want to make a profit on our services. This makes our mission – to provide compassionate and superior healthcare to everyone in our community and region – a real commitment.

In Fiscal Year FY2012-2013 Rideout Health provided $28,101,622 in charity care and unreimbursed hospital care to patients at Fremont Medical Center and Rideout Memorial Hospital Medicare Payment Shortfalls were $12,127,460. Rideout Health provided $245,124 in community benefits and services — and $7,083,064 for the On-Call Physician Program; the Intensivist/Hospitalist Program; and the Surgicalist Program. These programs provide physicians (inpatient) care for Emergency Room patients who have no physician and are indigent or on Medi-Cal.

Rideout Health provides the full range of healthcare services to our community. It is this full array of services that’s enables our hospitals to provide complete healthcare for everyone, for the benefit of the entire community, including those who cannot afford to pay.

At not-for-profit, community-based hospitals, profitable services indirectly fund unprofitable – yet necessary – services like trauma and women’s health. Investor-owned (for profit) healthcare organizations have a big financial incentive to avoid caring for uninsured and under insured patients.

Mission: To provide compassionate and superior health care to everyone in our community and region.

Vision: A regional medical center offering advanced medicine and a full continuum of health care services.

Values: We will fairly and accurately represent our capabilities and ourselves. We will not misrepresent our capabilities to the public. We will provide services to meet the identified needs of our patients and will constantly seek to avoid the provision of those services that are unnecessary or inefficient.

We will adhere to a uniform standard of care throughout the organization.